Military Service Members

Who takes care of you like M.O.M.?  No, not your own mom — though I’m sure she’s lovely! — what I’m referring to is Military On the Move.  This is a FREE REAL ESTATE REBATE program offered through JB Goodwin REALTORS as a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and is available to anyone who has served in the US armed forces in any capacity. In addition to getting superior, military-specific real estate knowledge to aid with your real estate needs, we give you CASH BACK at closing!

There is no gimmick.  When I help you buy (or sell) your home, you will receive 20% of my commission paid directly to you.  The money isn’t applied toward your closing costs, nor is it tied to using a specific lender.  You can use whoever you want for your financing and you don’t have to use your VA eligibility if you don’t so choose — you’re not limited to VA loan programs to get your rebate.  There is also no limit on your rebate amount and no waiting on your check to come in the mail: the money is paid directly to you upon the closing and funding of your home.

And qualifying is a simple as it gets.  Whether you are active duty, retired, wounded warrior, or separated: if you have served any period of time in any branch of our US armed forces you qualify for this rebate.  We offer this program as a way of thanking you for your service and repaying our debt of gratitude in a very literal and meaningful way.


Supporting veterans and their families and helping them reach their home ownership goals is something I care deeply about — my father, grandfather, and one of my brothers all served — and I feel our veterans are so often under-served in this regard.   Information about what programs are available or how to take advantage of them isn’t always easily accessible (especially if you don’t know where to look) and I want to help bridge that gap.  If I can answer any questions for you or refer you to a lender with specific VA knowledge, please reach out to me.  It will be my great honor to assist you.


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