Just Keep Swimming

One day you’ll be in your ocean


You’ve landed at my blog, either by intent or accident — and I’m happy to have you!

I started this blog as sort of a catch-all spot to post all kinds of random stuff I’d like to pass along, most of it pertaining to Austin real estate (my own business in particular or market info in general) or interesting/funny tidbits about Austin … or gardening tips, home decor/design ideas, places you should check out, coming events, notes about the weather, or pictures from in and around Austin I happen to like.

Like this one, which I took outside the Palmer Events Center a few weeks ago:


Or this one, of the beautiful Brandy (my son’s dog) playing at Bull Creek Park (Austin being a very pet-friendly city):


Please feel free to leave me your comments or questions or, even better, reach out to me if you’d like to chat about real estate.

If you want to talk about purchasing a home (either now or in the future, for your primary residence or as an investment property), listing your home for sale, or just finding out what your home is worth, these are all things I’d be delighted talk with you about!

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Sunshine & Graffiti
Austin: Keeping it real, keeping it weird at the Hope Outdoor Gallery

And in the mean time, like the unknown artist at Austin’s graffiti wall says above, “Just keep swimming. One day you’ll be in your ocean.” 

I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I think it’s profound.