Nose Reacquainted With Grindstone / Happy New Year!

Where DID all the time go?

Was it just me, or did everybody’s 2016 year end come racing into 2017 like its feet were on fire and its pants were catching?!  All of of sudden, here it is the middle of January — what?!  Where did all the time go?

We had a wonderful if a bit frantic holiday here in Austin.  We had family in from Seattle and France for lengthy stays, and seemingly some sort of social event every other night!  It was fun and chaotic, with lots of friends and family around, great food, plenty of wine, Christmas lights, cookies galore, presents, curiously-stuffed stockings, and best of all, lots of laughter.

Oh, and my pretty tree!  We spent a few happy hours drinking eggnog and listening to French rap while decorating the tree.  Because, you know, nothing says Christmas like MC Solaar.


But now that the holidays have passed, the tree is down and all the Christmas lights, associated decor and Christmas baking accouterments have been put away — and my husband’s and my own early-January birthdays have gone likewise by — it’s finally time to get back to work!  I’ve been particularly slow this year to ramp back up to full speed, but my grind is now firmly planted on the old nose-stone and it’s off to the races!

Happy New Year, y’all!