More Than Pink

Walking for the Cure

The 2019 Susan G. Komen More Than Pink Walk took place on Sunday, September 29th at the Palmer Events Center and brought together more than 5,000 participants!  Early morning rain showers cooled the temps off a wee bit (and added just enough to the humidity to ensure I’d be wearing a hat all day).  The event was a great success and a whole lot of fun, raising money and awareness for a worthy cause that affects so many lives every year.

“For Mom”

Folks shared their stories and remembrances.  The mood was sometimes somber but mostly celebratory — and all colored in varying hues of pink!

The Goodwin Gangbusters team was smaller this year but just as enthusiastic — we are already looking forward to next year’s walk!

Along with my trusty co-captain, Indu

To all who donated and showed their support, thank you, thank you, thank you! Together we are MORE THAN PINK and what we’re doing is saving lives every day!