In These Trying Times

Remembering to be grateful

With everything seeming so scary and uncertain right now, I will admit I’ve not been the best about seeing past my own anxiety for myself and my loved ones, and haven’t necessarily taken the time to recognize the sacrifices others are making.

So far (knock wood) all my people are safe and sound.  Even with a few family members considered “essential” (myself included), none of us are in any high-risk situations and our exposure to the corona virus is no greater than someone who is going to the grocery store.

Obviously that’s not true for anyone working on the front lines: doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, EMTs — anyone coming into close human contact with others who may or may not be infected with this dread contagion.  Their willingness to put their own health and lives at risk to keep the rest of us safe is a phenomenal act of courage and selflessness. So until it’s safe to say it in person, or to give out hugs and cookies, let me just take a moment to extend my sincere gratitude to all who serve in this capacity: thank you, each and every one, from the bottom of my heart!

Author: tanyajoffrainrealtor

I'm a licensed Realtor in the state of Texas, working in the Austin Metropolitan area.

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